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Arts Uncovered ‘Arts Ambassadors’

Children and young people explore arts and culture in Leeds

1st January 2009 - 31st August 2010

Three groups meet regularly in Seacroft Manston, Morley and Inner North West to debate, discuss and make decisions regarding cultural opportunities in Leeds.

Working alongside FYT and various cultural organisations (including West Yorkshire Playhouse, Carriage Works, and Libraries, Arts & Heritage) children and young people have shared their ideas and opinions to ensure decision-makers are taking into account their views on culture.

The city’s budding ‘Arts Ambassadors’ are being given exciting opportunities that will shape and develop their skills in communication, creativity and positive engagement with the arts.

The outcomes from these groups is helping to shape new directions and approaches towards young people in the arts in Leeds – from actual activities through to policy making (such as CYPP).

Each school will eventually elect its own ‘Arts Ambassador’ for their school council who will represent arts and culture within their learning environments.