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Find Your Talent Leeds is working on expanding existing cultural opportunities in the city and trialling different approaches in three of the city's diverse areas.

The Leeds city area covers both large rural areas and inner city areas, as well as big towns. Find Your Talent Leeds is concentrating on working with three areas: Morley, a town outside Leeds; Seacroft and Manston, an area with an inner city population but sitting outside the central Leeds area; and inner North West Leeds, a diverse area of the city.

The target areas for trialling new work have been selected due to the different challenges they represent and the low uptake of cultural opportunities by young people living there. Successful pilot projects may be extended to other areas in the city. Find Your Talent Leeds is working with the 1,400 looked after children in the Leeds area, and will also focus on city-wide schemes.

The Leeds Find Your Talent launch event

Find Your Talent Leeds is looking for solutions which will have a long term or permanent impact, as well as trying out new approaches and learning from these new approaches. The aim is to bring partners together, and help them connect to provide more effective projects.

The approach of Find Your Talent: Leeds
The objectives of Find Your Talent: Leeds

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