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Author Frank Cottrell Boyce visits Morley Library

Last month the writer Frank Cottrell Boyce visited Morley Library as part of a Find Your Talent supported event.

15th March 2010

Frank Cottrell Boyce © Macmillan Children’s BooksReading from his two novels Millions (winner of the 2004 Carnegie Medal) and Cosmic the writer collaborated with Artemis who supplied artefacts for the event.

In front of a sold out audience of 350 young people (aged between 8-14) he discussed how money causes problems, and how it inspired the concept behind Millions. The writer engaged with the young audience in this lively reading, and sold out his entire stock of novels on the day. He signed copies of books, postcards, and through an informal Q&A session explained how his own personal process of writing had enabled him to become a bestselling writer.

The event encouraged young people to engage with literature in a hands-on way, and introduced them to the idea of how being successful doesn’t necessarily equate with fame.