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Young people lead the way

Find Your Talent was about making sure children and young people have access to the best cultural experiences. It was also about making sure that the young people shaped and designed these experiences.

The Young People's National Development Group was established to make sure that young people were at the centre of Find Your Talent, feeding into planning, decision-making and development of its cultural programmes.

The group was made up of young people aged 14-25 years old, with two representatives from each of the ten pathfinder areas. These young people reported back to the pathfinders, so their issues and ideas influenced local projects directly. As well as representatives from each area, there were another ten young people from other areas to ensure that there was always an independent, critical eye looking at what was developed and what might be implemented as part of a Find Your Talent scheme.

As well as having an impact at a local level, the young people's voices were heard at a national, strategic level. The outcomes and recommendations from the meetings were fed-back at a senior strategic level, with an explanation given to the group about how this information is acted upon.

The group met for a weekend residential three times each year.